Harry and Louis and Stuff and Things and Fun Facts and Coincidences



So… It just so happens that I had a number of conversations with RL friends about Harry & Louis recently. About the mass of eyebrow-raising — and frankly fascinating — coincidences surroundings their relationship. And, y’know, since I already put this stuff together, I figured: why not share it? 


Disclaimer 1: No one knows anything ever. There is no way to be 100% certain about what is going on in the lives of people who are, essentially, strangers to us. But I also don’t believe in censoring speculation about a potential gay couple when people speculate about straight couples all the damn time. Shunning discussion because it’s two guys rather than a het couple? Hell no. That would imply that gay is an insult.

Disclaimer 2: I included a number of links (without overloading it with too much stuff) to back up the different points. I was careful in assembling this, but should a mistake have crept in there, let me know. 

Warning 1: I don’t think it’s in any way okay to approach the boys about “Larry”, or their families or whatever. It’s an invasion of privacy, and not okay. Ever. If they’re in a relationship, it is theirs. Not ours. (See here and here.)

Warning 2: Please do not post this on Twitter, thanks.

Warning 3: If you are absolutely and completely opposed to the possibility of H&L being anything but straight and / or more than dude bro pals, you might want to give this a miss. If, however, you are at least willing to consider the possibility, you might find this interesting. (I started out highly skeptical. So did two of my friends — one of them, just a few months ago, even told me that he hated “those Larry shippers”. And yet we all got to a point when the word ‘coincidence’ felt remarkably overused and inadequate.)

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# the thing that hits me the most with the tattoos is it doesn’t even matter if they actually were intended to be part of a matching set 
#because what we have to keep in mind is that at some point there was a major change in harry and louis’ on-stage and public interactions and that’s not tinhatting or shippers imagining things 
#they used to joke around and hug and make blowjob innuendo during uan tour and now most of the time they barely glance at each other on stage 
#and that’s just fact regardless of what you believe about their relationship 
#whether you think they’re a closeted couple or that ‘gay rumours have ruined their friendship’or even that they’re still friends but they or their management decided it was better to cool it down because of the larry shippers 
#either way their public interactions are carefully monitored if not limited 
#so it doesn’t matter whether they got matching tattoos or not because it looks like they did;a heart and an arrow do match 
#a rope and an anchor match 
#if one of your friends showed up with a ship tattoo and the very next day another friend had a compass tattoo 
#your first conclusion wouldn’t be that it’s a coincidence 
#harry got his anchor tattoo six months after louis got his rope so what? 
#in six months it didn’t cross his mind once that it might not be the best idea to get an anchor on his wrist 
#when louis had a rope on the very same body part and they /already/ had a pair of accidentally matching nautical tattoos? 
#and at that point they have a minimum of /four/ sets of matching tattoos so you’d think someone in their management team would think to tell them that hey 
#next time they might want to check with each other to make sure it doesn’t happen again? 
#but no because harry gets a giant heart on his arm and a couple of weeks later louis gets a giant arrow on his own arm; 
#frankly i was extremely dubious the first time i heard about the tattoos 
#but the idea that they accidentally got matching tattoos not just once or twice but /five/ times is completely preposterous 
#especially when we’re to believe the gay rumours have affected their relationship so much they can’t even interact on stage anymore 


So the wristband Harry’s been seen wearing is from Jay’s wedding (x)





Harry with Louis’ mother and grandfather +

“bowl licker” — (via donnysoldier)


Happy Jump into your Soulmate’s Arms Day!


jay and dan’s wedding was just yab come true

Stylinson couple at the Jay and Dan’s wedding ( PART 7/~)